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The relationship between central obesity and head and neck cancer

LI Chaoyou, WANG Anyang,XUE Gang   

  1. Department of Otorhinolaryngology & Head and Neck Surgery, Hebei North University /Key Laboratory of Thyroid Cancer Precision Diagnosis and Treatment of Zhangjiakou, Zhangjiakou 075000, Hebei, China
  • Published:2022-04-15

Abstract: With the increasing number and proportion of obese and overweight people worldwide, obesity has become one of the most globally serious health care problems. Obesity has also been thought to be the cause of many diseases, including hypertension, hyperlipemia, diabetes and insulin resistance. Interestingly, a high risk and mortality rate in head and neck cancer patients have been associated with obesity. Thus, this review focused on the relationship between obesity and head and neck cancer, investigating the molecular mechanism of abnormal lipid metabolism in these patients. Therefore, preventive obesity may be as a new insight in the management of patients with head and neck cancer.

Key words: Central Obesity, Head and neck cancer, High-fat diet, Body mass index, Abnormal lipid metabolism

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  • R739.91
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