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Characteristics of tinnitus and the related influencing factors in patients with Menieres disease

HOU Xiaobing1, REN Tongli2, ZHANG Yibo2   

  1. Department of Otology, Fudan University Eye &ENT Hospital, Shanghai 200031, China
  • Received:2017-05-11 Online:2018-09-20 Published:2018-09-20

Abstract: Objective To discuss and analyze the characteristics of tinnitus and the related influencing factors in patients with Menieres disease. Methods A total of 69 patients with Menieres disease were enrolled in our hospital from August 2012 to August 2016, and the pure hearing threshold, tinnitus ipsilateral, course of disease, and sleep quality of the patients were determined. The tinnitus handicap inventory(THI)scale and the dizziness handicap inventory(DHI)scale were used. Results (1) Thirty-one cases showed a low frequency of tinnitus, 15 cases showed a median frequency of tinnitus, and 23 cases showed a high frequency of tinnitus. Tinnitus loudness <10 dB(SL), 10~14 dB(SL), and ≥15 dB(SL)was noted in 41, 18, and 10 cases, respectively; 60 cases showed persistent tinnitus while 9 showed non-persistent tinnitus. Forty-eight patients had no sleep disorders and 21 had sleep disorders. (2) Patients with persistent tinnitus(t=3.099, P=0.008), poor sleep quality(F=2.987, P=0.012), and high tinnitus loudness(F=3.356, P=0.013)had higher THI scores than those with intermittent tinnitus, better sleep quality, and low tinnitus loudness. The THI scores of patients with unilateral tinnitus were lower than those of patients with bilateral tinnitus. (3) Seizure frequency, duration, and average thresholds were positively correlated with the DHI score in multiple linear regression analysis. Conclusion The primary characteristic of tinnitus accompanied by Meniere's disease is low-frequency tinnitus. The severity of tinnitus shows some relationship with tinnitus loudness, duration, and sleep quality. Sex, age, ear, and bimodal test results have no effect on the DHI score, but the onset frequency, duration, and average hearing threshold are the main factors affecting the score. The higher the frequency of the patients, the more severe the dizziness will be.

Key words: Meni disease, Dizziness, Related factors, Tinnitus

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