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Forty cases of early glottic cancer treated by CO2 laser surgery combined with radiofrequency ablation

LI Lijie, TIAN Xiufen   

  1. Department of Otorhinolaryngology & Head and Neck Surgery, First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou 450052, Henan, China
  • Published:2022-07-11

Abstract: Objective To explore the clinical efficacy of endoscopic CO2 laser surgery combined with low-temperature plasma radiofrequency ablation(LTP-RFA). Methods We retrospectively analyzed the clinical data of 40 patients with early glottic cancer treated by endoscopic CO2 laser surgery combined with LTP-RFA. Results All patients initially underwent endoscopic CO2 laser surgery combined with LTP-RFA. The patients were followed up for 4.2-32.0(18.6)months; none were lost to follow-up. Three cases experienced recurrence once and two cases, twice. The recurrence rate was 12.5%. Total laryngectomy was performed in two cases, vertical partial laryngectomy in one case, selective neck dissection in one case, and combined surgery with tracheotomy in one case. One patient who experienced recurrence after total laryngectomy received chemoradiotherapy and interventional therapy, but the therapeutic effect was poor. One patient with recurrence after vertical partial laryngectomy, with an otherwise good general condition, opted for radiotherapy. The other three patients recovered well after their last surgery. Granulation tissue was observed in nine cases postoperatively and healed completely after 1-6 months. Mild vocal cord adhesion was observed in four patients. Postoperative vocal function was good in 36 patients, poor in 2 patients, and lost in 2 patients after total laryngectomy. Conclusion Endoscopic CO2 laser surgery combined with LTP-RFA for the treatment of early glottic cancer helps overcome the limitations of the two methods when used alone and helps improve surgical efficiency. It is an effective and feasible surgery.

Key words: Early glottic cancer, CO2 laser, Radiofrequency ablation, Endoscopic technique

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  • R739.65
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