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Outcome of artificial divergence surgery in patients with infantile nystagmus syndrome (6 cases report)

LUAN Yanan, GUO Jingli, WANG Lihua   

  1. Eye Center of Provincial Hospital affiliated to Shandong University, Jinan 250021, Shandong, China
  • Received:2015-04-09 Revised:2015-09-21 Online:2015-10-16 Published:2015-10-16

Abstract: Objective To investigate the outcome of artificial divergence surgery in patients with infantile nystagmus syndrome. Methods Six infantile nystagmus syndrome patients with blocking convergence enrolled in out department from March 2012 to September 2014 were retrospectively evaluated. Corrected visual acuity was measured respectively. The head turn (HT) was measured when patients staring at distance fixation using a goniometer. Binocular vision function of patients was evaluated by the Titmus Stereo Test and the Worth Four Light Test in appropriate refractive correction. Prism adaptation test was used in all patients pre-operatively. The amounts of bilateral medial rectus recession was 3-4 mm. Results The average post-operative follow-up period was 9.8 months (range, 3-12 months). After surgery, the HT was eliminated in 4 patients, improved in 1 patient and ineffective in 1 patient. Monocular and binocular corrected visual acuity was improved in 3 patients and unchanged in 3 patients. Stereopsis acuity was improved in 2 patients and unchanged in 4 patients. 1 patient was consecutive exotropia. Conclusion The results of this study preliminarily showed artificial divergence surgery was effective to INS patients with blocking convergence.

Key words: Nystagmus, Artificial divergence surgery, Treatment outcome, Infant

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  • R777.46
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