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SUN Ziwen1, CUI Hongwei2, SUN XilingEtiology, pathogenesis, and management of dry eye

SUN Ziwen1, CUI Hongwei2, SUN Xiling3, CHEN Chen1, ZHANG Lu1, HU Zhulin1   

  1. Department of Neurosurgery, Clinical Medicine College, Weifang Medical University, Weifang 261036, Shandong, China;
    3. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Binzhou Medical University, Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine College, Yantai 264000, Shandong, China
  • Published:2019-03-28

Abstract: Due to multiple influences of internal factors(tear film destruction, sex hormone disorders)and external factors(environment, surgery, and drugs), patients with dry eye disease have been encountered much more frequently and are presenting at a younger age. Dry eye disease has become one of the most common diseases of the ocular surface, with a multifactorial etiology. This paper reviews the newer reports on etiology, pathogenesis, and management of dry eye.

Key words: Dry eye, Etiology, Pathogenesis, Management breakthrough

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