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Intratympanic budesonide suspension injection to treat idiopathic sudden deafness with type Ⅱ diabetes mellitus in 42 patients

JIANG Luyun, XIE Hui, XIE Yan, LI Xinrong   

  1. Department of Otorhinolaryngology & Head and Neck Surgery, Teaching Hospital of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chengdu 610072, Sichuan, China
  • Received:2015-01-09 Revised:2015-04-07 Published:2015-06-16

Abstract: Objective To observe the clinical effectiveness of oral prednisone and intratympanic plus intravenous budesonide injection in the treatment of the patients of sudden deafness with type Ⅱ diabetes mellitus (DM). Methods The patients with sudden deafness plus type Ⅱ diabetes mellitus (84 cases, 87 ears) were randomly divided into group A (42 cases, 43 ears) and group B(42 cases, 44 ears). Both groups were given individualized medication to lower blood glucose, but same conventional treatment for sudden hearing loss. Oral prednisone was added in group A, while intratympanic injection of Budesonide suspensinon was applied to group B. Results The improvements of pure tone average were classified as 4 grades: cured, markedly effective, effective, and ineffective. The result of Mann-Whitney U test showed the two strategies of treatment had significant difference in the improvement of profound idiopathic sudden hearing loss (Z=-3.274, P=0.001), and the result of chi-square showed that there was also a significant difference in the numbers of abnormal plasma glucose between group A and group B (χ2=214.482, P<0.001). Conclusion With the individualized medications to lower blood glucose and conventional treatments, Intratympanic Budesonide suspension injection plus conventional regimen could be more effective for idiopathic sudden deafness in type Ⅱ DM patients than oral prednisone. And it is beneficial to maintain the stability of blood glucose level by the way of intratympanic injection of glucocorticoid.

Key words: Prednisone, Idiopathic sudden deafness, Type Ⅱ diabetes mellitus, Budesonide suspension

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  • R764.43
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