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  1. 陆军总医院二六三临床部耳鼻咽喉头颈外科, 北京 101149
  • 收稿日期:2016-08-17 出版日期:2017-08-16 发布日期:2017-08-16
  • 通讯作者: 王宇. E-mail:wangyumike@126.com

Expression and methylation patterns of CDH13 in human head and neck squamous carcinoma cells.

ZHAO Jincheng, SHI Ying, ZHANG Ying, JIA Zhanhong, MA Xin, ZHANG Jingqiu, WU Zaijun, WANG Yu   

  1. Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, 263 Clinical Department of General Army Hospital, Beijing 101149, China
  • Received:2016-08-17 Online:2017-08-16 Published:2017-08-16

摘要: 目的 研究抑癌基因H-钙黏素(CDH13)在人头颈部鳞癌细胞系SCC10A和PCI-37B中的表达水平及其启动子区域的甲基化状态。 方法 定量 PCR和Western blotting检测CDH13在头颈鳞癌细胞系SCC10A和PCI-37B及两种正常组织中的mRNA和蛋白表达变化,并通过甲基化特异性PCR和硫化测序检测CDH13基因启动子区域的甲基化情况。 结果 与正常组织比较,头颈鳞癌细胞SCC10A和PCI-37B中CDH13的mRNA和蛋白表达水平均降低。SCC10A和PCI-37B细胞中CDH13基因甲基化水平高于口腔黏膜正常组织,人头颈鳞癌细胞系中CDH13基因启动子区域呈高甲基化状态。 结论 CDH13启动子区域高甲基化可能是导致人头颈鳞癌中CDH13表达沉默的重要因素,但其影响肿瘤发生发展的具体机制仍需进一步探究。

关键词: 头颈鳞癌, 表达水平, CDH13, 甲基化

Abstract: Objective To explore the expression levels and methylation patterns of the tumor-suppressor gene H-Cadherin 13(CDH13)in the head and neck squamous cell carcinoma(HNSCC)SCC10A and PCI-37B cell lines. Methods We selected 2 normal oral mucosa tissues as the control group, and used quantitative PCR and western blotting, respectively, to detect the relative mRNA and protein expression levels of CDH13 in SCC10A and PCI-37B cells. We then analyzed the methylation status of the promoter region of CDH13 using methylation-specific PCR(MSP)and bisulfite sequencing PCR(BSP). Results The mRNA and protein expression levels of CDH13 in SCC10A and PCI-37B were significantly reduced compared to the control group. Methylation of the CDH13 promoter was considerably higher in SCC10A and PCI-37B cells than in normal tissues; BSP confirmed this finding. Conclusion The high methylation levels of the CDH13 gene promoter may play an important role in down-regulating the expression of CDH13 in HNSCC cells, but further study is required to determine its influence on HNSCC.

Key words: Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma, Expression, Methylation, CDH13


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